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is a Glasgow based musician and technologist who works between the worlds of traditional musical instruments/composition/production and experimental electronics.

With a work history as a multi-instrumentalist composer and studio musician, he now designs his own range of hardware and software instruments which are used by creators in studios, on stages and in art galleries around the world.



Jason is a versatile violinist, guitarist and drum/percussion player.

As a graduate of the Electronic Production and Design department at Berklee College of Music, his training focused on sound design, music production acoustics and electronics. 


Since graduating he has worked as a collaborating interdisciplinary artist world wide contributing to installations and performances in various galleries and concert halls. He has contributed to installations and performances featured at two Biennials. Venice (’13) and Bahia, Brazil (’15). 

Interdisciplinary collaborations of this nature range from input as a musician/composer, to consulting and hardware/software development as a technology specialist.


Complementing his collaborative work, Jason has produced and performed both on stage and in studio as a multi-instrumentalist. Performing under the name Instruō, he bridges the gab between traditional instrumentation and experimental sound design using synthesis, DSP and electronics.


Instruō also functions as a brand of specialist modular synthesizers, designed (and in some cases handmade/manufactured personally) by Jason.

The Instruō modules are sold by multiple retailers around the globe. In conjunction with the more commercially available products, Instruō offers a specialized custom design service in which specialized and unique tools are developed for, or in collaboration with artists and creators.


Instruments: Violin, guitar, bass guitar, drums/percussion

Jason trained as a classical violinist from the age of 9. He self taught bass guitar starting at the age of 13 when he acquired the bass that belonged to his grandfather: James (Dinky) Spence, A Shetlander who practiced multiple instruments including piano, bass and trumpet. Spence grew up performing along side the legendary folk guitar player "Peerie" Willie Johnston in Lerwick, Shetland.

Shortly after, Jason began studying guitar and drum set and formed several bands where he began writing and producing music.

In 2009 he graduated from Perth College UHI's popular music performance course and shortly after won a scholarship acceptance to Berklee College of Music as a guitar player.

Music Technology

Instruō, as well as being an artistic branding also serves as a branding for a series of specialist modular synthesizers.

Since 2013 Jason has been professionally developing modular synthesizers in the Eurorack format.

During September 2016 the first module branded Instruō was released to the world.

A time-lapse build doc video was produced which depicted the development of the troika triple oscillator module.

The troika has since been produced on a larger scale by Darkplace mfg in Portland, OR, from where it is distributed worldwide.

Custom designs and commissions are also developed collaboratively and to order, by Jason, for artists and musicians who have specialist requirements for their studios and live rigs.


When nearing completion of his studies at Berklee College of Music, Jason became heavily involved in the BIAI (Berklee Interdisciplinary Arts Institute). This program formed a new foundation to an ongoing career covering interdisciplinary practices.

Director of the program Neil Leonard is an accomplished musician, and artist.

Ongoing collaborations with Leonard range from technology consulting, music production, performance and assistance with gallery installations and performances at two Biennials (Venice '13 and Salvador, Brazil '15).

Liminal Dance

Liminal Dance is a Community Interest Company led by Gemma Caine. It provides arts education targeted at young people, using collaboration to create quality arts participatory performances for local communities and mentorship which develops the role of young people to be dance leaders in their community.

Jason has worked as a creative technology specialist and tutor with Liminal Dance for several years. He has developed visuals and audio for "Red and the Wolf" a performance production developed by the dance company.



A collaboration with dancer/choreographer Justine Lim which took place in August 2013.

The performance combined quadraphonic sound design/composition, interactive electronics/lighting and movement.

The performance took place in Cambridge, MA in front of an intimate audience and led to performance collaborations over the following year that took place at the Venice Biennial that year.


/ˈin.stru.oː/, [ˈĩː.strʊ.oː]


       1. instruction, teaching


       1. I build (in or into)

       2. I arrange, organise, plan; devise

       3. I prepare, provide, make ready, set up

       4. I provide with information, teach, inform, instruct

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