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Software and physical computing


Jason develops his own software and hardware using a range of development platforms which include:


•  Max/MSP/Jitter

•  Csound

•  Arduino

•  Raspberry Pi

He has developed a collection of hardware MIDI controllers utilizing resistive touch screen surfaces, digital and analog accelerometers, joysticks, photoresistors and more.  Many of these were developed for specific events and performances.  


Jason co-authored an article with Andrew Ikenberry which was published in issue 18 of the Csound Journal.  The article is a tutorial on constructing a Eurorack compatible FM oscillator using Arduino and a Raspberry Pi.

2013 Aug.

Documentation of MIDI glove system development stage.  An Arduino UNO R3 iunterprets rotation and tilt from 2-axis  via an analog accelerometer.  Incoming values are smoothed and scaled to MIDI CC messages.  A button activates the sensor and calibrates the initial orientation to the centre point on both axis.  The remaining movement on the horizontal plane is calculated and scaled to CC values.

7-string guitar with X/Y pad

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